... Innovative Care in the Heart of Rural Leicestershire
... Innovative Care in the Heart of Rural Leicestershire


There are a variety of ways of making donations

As we are not for profit company donations are always welcome, if you would like to make a donation it would be greatly received by staff and co-farmers alike. To make a donation please call or email us. 

If you make a donation look out on our news page or Facebook page to see how it is spent helping our co-workers. Some things we need to do our: disabled toilet so that some of our co-farmers can stay for a whole day instead of having to only come half a day, new bouncy castle for the co-farmers to have fun after all their hard work (old one is becoming very worn) plus much more...

Our most recent project to better the farm for our co-farmers was to transform a stable and store room into a classroom with kitchen facilities so that we have a relaxed space and co-workers can cook a lunch from scratch using some of our home grown produce.

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